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Top 10 ranking remains stable 1

15 Mar 2017 -
Toyota Material Handling Group (TMHG) has retained its top ranking in the annual forklift market analysis by DHF magazine. 

The latest ranking comes against a backdrop of increasing global orders for equipment, with 1,099,880 units ordered in 2015 – up from 1,088,366 in 2014, according to World Industrial Truck Statistics (WITS). 

Europe saw a rise from 344,533 to 373,321 industrial trucks, while the rise was smaller in the Americas (267,716 to 277,542). The African market dwindled and Australia/Oceania largely stagnated. 

In Asia, orders of industrial trucks fell from 438,327 to 413,777, with a strong decrease in China pulling the region down. 

In its comments on the current ranking, DHF notes that top-ranked Toyota’s turnover rose 8.6% in Yen and 13.4% in Euros. The company sold 239,000 units in FY 2015, up 7.7% from 222,000 in the previous year. TMHG increased its turnover in Europe, North America and Japan, compensating for weaker sales in China. 

Developments in the group included the August 2015 acquisition of the forklift division of Tailift. 

The Kion Group, still in second position in the ranking, increased its net turnover by 9% in 2015. The company claims 15% marketshare – up from 14.2% in 2014. Kion’s strongest gains were in Asia, with sales up 11.4%, followed by Western Europe (9.2%). 

Jungheinrich AG, with its best annual turnover result to date, retains third place. Revenue rose 10.3% from the previous year, while profit was up 9.5%. Jungheinrich generated 89% of its turnover within Europe. Incoming orders rose by 13.4% to 97,100 units. 

The company’s current performance should reflect further growth in the wake of the January 2016 joint venture with Anhui Heli Co, with the magazine noting the combination of Jungheinrich’s global expertise in the rental business and Heli’s extensive sales and service network in China. 

Crown Equipment Corporation climbed from fifth to fourth place in the rankings, having increased its turnover by 5.6% to USD2,640 million. Crown strengthened its market position in Europe, partly due to the expansion of its range of counterbalance forklift trucks.