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HELI eyes international growth

07 Jul 2017 -
China’s HELI is reporting a strong start to 2017, with first quarter sales increasing by 45% over last year. Revenue rose by 29%, with export earnings growing 16% year on year. 

The company reports performance on indicators reached new records. 

A company spokesperson conceded that conditions have been challenging, with "a complicated domestic and international situation and competition". However, HELI focused on operational targets, improving its product structure, and continued investment in "technological innovation and product development to meet different market requirements and comply with various environmental emission standards". 

New HELI products have been well received by end-users, according to the company. 

The focus has now shifted to developing HELI’s online business "using the advanced SAP system" to improve operational efficiency. HELI is also working on product quality and on-time delivery to ensure customer satisfaction. 

In addition, the company is eyeing export growth and will step up its program of factory visits. 

The HELI international network currently boasts agents in more than 80 countries and regions, with the products sold to 150 countries and regions. 

HELI claims to be the largest forklift manufacturer in China and consistently ranks among the top 10 global forklift makers.